Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's not about me or you

I like community outreaches, however, my only experience was with adopt-a-highway. Yesterday was a first with a big community outreach event like Convoy of Hope.

Few weeks ago, our Sunday bulletin provided info for church members who were interested in assisting because there was a need for volunteers in the prayer tent. 

First, I was excited but then doubt entered my mind because I don't have a boldness like others. However, the Sunday after-there was the announcement again. I decided that I'll go. 

As the week approached, I kept praying that God keep me focused on what I'm being called to do...

I was called to volunteer

I was called to glorify Him

I was called to represent Him to the best of my ability 

Friday afternoon was a rally but I was late in picking up my t-shirt. Ugh...

I arrived early yesterday morning and picked up my shirt. 

I inquired where the connection tent was located and then I was directed. As I helped set up chairs-I still kept praying for God to place me where He needed for me to be and to give me the heart and strength to minister for Him.

See, I didn't go there to represent me or my church to gain more numbers. I went to Convoy of Hope for God to use me in praying with someone seeking prayer or to open the door of opportunity for someone wanting/seeking to know Him more. 

I prayed that the intent of others didn't distract me from God's calling. 

I prayed that the intent wasn't about numbers but the intent was for souls. 

I prayed it was not a competition of churches, donations or works.

I prayed that everything said and done was a sincere effort and that if there was any glory or thanking-it was raised to God.

It's not about you 

It's not about me

It's about that person or family needing to hear, 

"Is there anything I can pray for you today?"'s all about Him

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