Thursday, July 18, 2013

Double blessings and Second Chances

God knows the person meant for you. 

One who will love you through thick and thin. 

One who will be your best friend and  your strongest critic.

One who will be your biggest supporter in cheering you on in whatever endeavors you are pursuing. 

I have been blessed twice with such a man who is my high school sweetheart. 

Our relationship has been a lot of valleys and mountain tops yet through it all as Dan shares, we always manage to come back to each other because in our hearts, we never left.

Our double blessings (besides the twins) is that we have two wedding anniversaries! 

Today as I write this is our "first" wedding anniversary.

If we didn't divorce, we would have been married 15 years as of today. But, it is what it is and lessons were learned during that time that brought us to our "second" anniversary, which is on November 19.

Second chances are meant for you to realize what you screwed up on and to become better the second time by knowing what you need and not do to make a marriage (or anything) work. 

Second chances from God is truly meant to honor Him by showing through your thoughts, actions and speech that you will not take advantage or take what He has blessed you with for granted. 

Second chances at marriage is affirming with God that you will honor the vows by honoring Him first and your spouse second.

Second chances is knowing the mercy and grace of my God who knows what / who we need in our lives.

I am double blessed at the second chance God gave to me and Dan and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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