Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Celebration of Life: Sean "Paco" Herndon

My grandma has 11 grandchildren. Out of her 11, her youngest is the nearest and dearest to her heart. Now, don't get me wrong-I'm not saying she played favorites or loved us less because she loves all. However, we all knew Sean was her pride and joy (I guess we can include Megs too). 

See, she's famous for her fried rice. Her first 9 has fond childhood memories of fried rice. But, Sean...if she knew he was coming over, she would (keep this in mind-she's in her 90's) whip up some fried rice AND fried tuyu fish. 

Now, being a grandma myself who loves her grandsons-sat back and smiled at this because if a grandma does that when she is in the best years of her life...then there is something special about that grandson. And you know what? There is something special about Sean.

Because I am 20 years older than him, he is closer in age to my kids. So I watched him grow up like a little brother. While my daughter was chunky, he was long. While she was quiet. He made noise. While she played nicely-he bit. In fact, he bit Jay on the arm? Leg? I don't know-it was a cousin thing!

As he grew up, he was active and curious. He was your typical boy that loved Barney, fireworks (those military tanks sparklers?) and the outdoors especially the beach like his dad. 

I remember my Aunty Berta sharing that she would make musubi's for him and his friends when they were in surf competitions.

My cousin, Meaghan and Sean were close. You would think there would be sibling rivalry but their parents raised them right. This was a close-knit family. They may have had their differences like all families do but I love the fact of knowing that even as they grew up-they still climbed into their parents bed and just laid there with them. That's amazing love. 

I love how they were unabashed that as brother and sister, they were the best of friends. 

Sean was free-spirited and roamed wherever. He was fun-loving and actually humble. He was pretty much an eye candy to girls because he was good looking. 

My nephew idolized him and thought of him as the character Brad Pitt played in Troy because of his long hair that he had back in his modeling days.

After high school, he tried several areas of work from retail to restaurants as well as attending college but he was recently accepted into the Carpenters Union. 

When I looked at his pictures with his friends, they showed his carefree spirit. When I look back at his pictures with family, it showed strength and solidity. 

Sean is well-loved. He is special to everyone of us. All of us has that one special memory of him. We will cry and grieve and in time, we can smile and celebrate the moments we had the opportunity to spend with him. 

Rest in love, Sean. 


  1. Hey Tiff,
    I am truly sorry for your loss! He sounds like a special guy that his free good spirit touched everyone in some way. May God comfort you and your Ohana through these awesome memories of him. Love to you and the Ohana! Aloha, Gerry

    1. Gerry, thanks so much! He is indeed special. Today we had a paddle out for him and it was simply amazing by how much people loved him. Granted, our family loved him but to see his friends from school to surfing that ranged from young adults to our parents age was just awesome. He will truly be missed. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. *HUGS*