Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Honolulu Marathon (5th of 9th run to the Spartan Race)

Honestly, I don't know what to write about this experience except that I'm still reeling from the fact that I accomplished and finished a marathon by majority of walking.
Bragging rights has not set in and it is taking me over a week to share about this experience.
I thought I prepared okay because I honestly thought you can incorporate what you do in your shorter runs to a marathon. Not really unless you really prepare your fueling and keeping to your plan to avoid giving up especially when you "hit the wall".
I went according to the suggested list of must-haves while you are doing the marathon. I also invested in a great pair of running shoes to minimize any aggravation of my bunions. I also learned about taping that I know I will utilize on any upcoming runs.
My overall learning experience of a marathon:
  • It never goes according to your plan
  • Hydration is a must
  • Gels and sports beans is a must-too
  • Some people on the course actually bring food to eat along the way (I'm afraid to because I may have to use the bathroom that will be more than 2 miles away when my stomach rumbles)
  • Satohap and vaseline are lifesavers
  • Bring extra k-tape strips
  • Don't throw away your sponge
  • It's more mental than physical especially when you've "hit the wall"
  • Core exercises is a must in your training plan
  • Pretzels is great to munch on
  • Mixing up your playlist with different genre's is a good idea (Note: Incorporating epic movie scores is awesome because it really digs deep into your soul dramatically like you're about to run Chariots of Fire)
  • That long stretch from Kahala to Hawaii Kai is a really long stretch
  • Dry-wick clothes is essential because it's light and will not chafe
  • Your body is still burning calories after the marathon
26.2 freaking miles...I thought I could run the first mile, walk all the way to the 20 mile marker and run the last six miles. It didn't happen. I wanted to give up at the 20 mile marker. I felt like my hips were about to fall off. I had to do hip extensions every quarter mile. Seriously, I felt like my legs were going to pop off like Barbie's legs.
At the finish line, my family was congratulating me and all I wanted was the medal and t-shirt as well as my clothing bag because I was afraid that the marathon people were going to donate it since it was past 2:00pm.


I wanted to lay on the ground and cry for being such an idiot because who in their right mind does this kind of thing? Seriously! who DOES?
Well, as I think back to what I was thinking that day...I realize that I am that idiot as well as many others. Because now I am actually contemplating on doing a marathon. Well, to be better prepared and train a little more wisely.
But, I'm an idiot runner. Just kidding. I'm not an idiot. I thought I was an idiot but people who love to run has found something internally. A fire that burns within us to challenge ourselves to go beyond what we could imagine. It is a fire that lights up every day to just run for no reason. To sign up excitedly not just for a shirt but to accomplish and know that we can complete the run because it is no longer in us to give any less of ourselves.
I am now a runner. A crazy runner but a runner none the less who has completed 26.2 miles.



  1. Good job no matter what, you finished and that means a lot!

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Garry!