Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Whatever it takes

You come to that moment in your life when you realize that to get to your goal you have to do whatever it takes...
But, this doesn't mean cheating or aggressively pushing your way through and offending anyone, it's the determination that you set within yourself emotionally and mentally as well as physically that you are willing to plan strategically and get out of your comfort zone to finish what you started or decided to do.
Some will groan at the unfairness that why can't there be a magic pill or drink that will melt away the fat and give us the ideal physique that media tells us we should have.
Some will groan on why is does one have to train a specific way for a race and why can't there just a gel blok or sports beans that will give us the supernatural power to conquer an obstacle race, marathon, half-marathon, 10k or 5k?
However, there is no satisfaction in the quick fixes. Quick fixes gives fast results that returns back quickly that places you further back. Half-hearted efforts will give you minimal results that will either leave feeling you dissatisfied and discouraged or challenged to do better. Ask me how I know-we've all been there until the lightbulb went off in our head on what we needed to do.
I asked myself this question as I started this blog post, "Why is it that we are willing to do whatever it takes?"
  • Because we want the satisfaction of running that last mile with the feeling of sweat, your heart pumping and your breathing steadily going to making that run count until the very end...
  • Because we want the exhiliration of climbing over that last obstacle and running through those gladiators to get to the finish line...
  • Because we want to feel victorious as we meet our PR goals of rope climbing, thrusts and pull-ups...
We all want that heart-wrenching, deep satisfaction that we did what it takes and that means struggling, pushing through, creating meal plans, scheduling training WODs and researching tips to minimize injuries and maximize performance.
It's not about showing off but it is about earning the right to share what you have done and what you have learned along the way to get to your goals and that you are still running ahead full force because there is nothing else you can do but to go forward and conquer.
Your pace, your lifestyle, your well-being...do what it takes to get it done. You got this!

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