Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Creating opportunity

If you follow me on Instagram, there is a picture I posted regarding noting certain objects as potential that could be in Spartan Races. 

Besides noting objects, do you create opportunities for you to make sure that you exercise? Run? Weight lift? HIIT? Endurance?

Well, I'm sitting in my doctor's office and I decided to have my husband drop me off since he has an appointment in town, which he can use my car because our daughter is driving his truck. So, after my appointment...I told him that I'll run home. 

I just checked Google Maps and the distance is three miles *whew*

Remember: If you ever create an opportunity to exercise, check the distance first. 

Also, if your husband asks you to pay his bill and they don't accept debit/credit? Bring the EXACT change! I didn't. Argh, now I have to run with change in my hand unless I want to be generous and donate to the homeless. 

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