Friday, August 30, 2013

What am I eating???

I'm on this new goal plan to achieve as close as I can get to be ready for the Spartan Super (or is it the Super Spartan???) for next year in Hawaii.

I am finding or it's coming back to memory from all the times that I've watched what I ate that once you have your mind set, it is easier to stay on track then succumbing to the cravings. For example, yesterday, I didn't pack my lunch or buy my breakfast (boiled eggs and bacon) and have my snack ready (pineapples and papaya), which I was starving by lunchtime. In fact, I consumed majority of my  peanut butter Clif Bars and then my chicken fajitas (no tortilla) with green beans and corn (fail on the corn). Since I was starving and not consistently eating every 2-3 hours...I was thinking of cookies, cake, ice cream, Doritos. But, thank goodness, I didn't indulge in it because I would have been really upset with myself.

I'm typing away at my desk and on the side of my keyboard, I've printed a list of Paleo Food List that was provided by another blogger. At least I can say it is doable. However, I'm kind of sad that I have to say goodbye to Ketchup. I love ketchup. Can I cheat with ketchup? It's just a little that I use. But then again...probably I can be like my dad and what he used to put onto his rice, spam and eggs. It wasn't was just tomato sauce.

Anyhow, about two weeks has passed since the Spartan Sprint and slowly I've been making changes here and there especially with what I've been eating. I've been making sure that fruits are bought as well as lean chicken breasts (I think I need to incorporate more beef (lean) because my family is probably thinking they are about to bloom out some feathers).

I haven't been drinking any soda, however, I believe I need to cut down on my Gatorade because that is a lot of sugar. ALOT of sugar. Or wait...on the list it just says sugary soft drinks. I know, I KNOW. I shouldn't be compromising. Time will tell and progress is progress plus I'm still learning on the healthy side of eating.

Another thing that is good about watching what I eat is that I am not going to consider it dieting nor am I going to be drastic. I'm happy to say that half of the stuff on this list is what I have already been eating for awhile and the list is quite doable. It's tasty and it's healthy. I'm just somewhat concerned because some wheat products are eliminated even the complex carbs plus I'm thinking of that whole grain cinnamon and raisin bread that will now sit forever in my freezer that I purchased from Down to Earth.

The best part of all this change in eating habits and incorporating healthier methods is that my family is supporting me on this all the way and do not mind what I've been choosing with me knowing I need to incorporate other meats like beef and pork to spice things up a bit, you know?

Happy Eating!

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