Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mind-set: Perspective, Choices and Determinations

I don't think I'm on a momentum high still yet from the Spartan Race because it has been one week since I completed the Spartan Sprint Hawaii race. 

But, it put something back into perspective especially when I've decided to train for the Spartan Super. 

It's making me take a hard look again on what I have allowed to come in the way of what is / is not a priority. 

It's not that I let myself completely go but it brought me to that point and going through the Spartan Race and finishing it made me realize that I needed to up my game.

What is interesting is this can be looked at in a person's walk with God. You can be consistently reading His word, attending church, etc. But you get distracted until a friend contacts you asking if you want to get together and before you know it-other things come along to distract you to where what was important has suddenly been placed on the shelf. 

And excuses with not going to church or doing your daily reading is pretty much like excuses with not exercising-it does not fool anyone. 

Last Sunday, I chose to do something that will change everything spiritually, physically and mentally. 

I'm going to train for the Spartan Super, however, I'm going to make sure it doesn't interfere with my relationship with God and my family especially my husband. 

If I can train then I know I have time for God and my family. This is where balance comes in to keep everything in perspective and realistic. 

Here are a few things that I've done:

1) my husband will help me train

2) Cleaned up my eating. I'm not incorporating cheat meals yet because I need to get my body use to the change. 

3) Created a schedule that will not take time away from my family or my ministries that I'm involved with

4) Resolved that if I can incorporate training-my devotions and time with God is my utmost and highest priority because without Him in my center is a setup for failure. 

I'll be keeping you posted on my journey with my Spartan Super Training.

Keep me in prayer

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