Friday, July 12, 2013

Spartan Race Training 101: Your Mindset *GULP*

Around two months ago, I signed up for the Spartan Race that will be held here in Hawaii during August 17 and 18. 

Throughout the day, I'm thinking on it. I also emailed my personal trainer from SOHI fitness because I am aware on how I have to train for it because it is an obstacle course. 

1) Don't do long runs-train with sprinting, jogging, jumping (be prepared for hills)
2) Eat clean 
3) Rest 
4) Don't push yourself overly hard or else you'll burn out or worse-you'll injure yourself
5) HIIT / Tabata exercises
6) Prepare for anything-expect the unexpected on that day

Note: Am I missing anything else???

From the beginning as I was signing up was that I knew my mindset had to change as I prepared for training. I knew this was committing myself and that I NEED to see it through no matter what. 

I am aware it is all about endurance and pushing on past your discouragements, your self-doubts... It's basically gritting your teeth as you climb over, jump down and say to yourself,


I just pray I don't have a heart attack and die during the race. 

Pray for me

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