Sunday, February 17, 2013

Table for One

Did you ever have the experience of being on a business trip and your time is almost intertwined with your co-workers when it comes to eating or exploring the city? Well, that's where I am currently until this three day weekend. Knowing that both will be out of town visiting friends and family, I secretly hugged myself that I am on my own to explore the hidden treasures and historical attractions of the city.

Mind you, I do miss my family but to fly them up is costly, so this will have to do.

I'm sitting by myself and realizing I wouldn't have this much freedom if I had to spend another weekend with them (co-workers). I wouldn't have been able to check out the pop culture museum as well as checking out the trendy area that I just enrolled into the fitness center to take advantage of their group classes.

I am sitting by myself in a urban atmosphere of a café/lounge by the window and it feels great...liberating to be away or by myself without co-workers. But, being away from family is another thing. I miss my family. I miss my little getaways of lunches and shopping with my daughter. I miss my kids. Overall, I miss my husband.

Table for one? This will have to do until I'm back home with my family.

Counting the days

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