Friday, January 15, 2010

Give me one Krispy Kreme with a side order of enlarged thighs and hips, please

This morning I woke up and walked around somewhat gingerly because I decided to be gung-ho and walk from Ewa to Ewa Beach (which took me about an hour and half). Let me just share that although you are taking in the recommended amount of the calories you are to consume to lose weight have to keep in mind that you need to maintain those calories while you're exercising because you're going to burn out your body faster if you don't maintain it since you're calorie intake will be less than the recommended amount after exercising (I read that in WebMD as well as my Nutritionist sharing that with me).

The reason why I share this is because midway (around Ocean Point neighborhood), my stomach felt empty and I started feeling...hungry

I just wanted to lie down and call Dan who was at the church and say "I'm HUNGRY!!! pick me up?" But, I didn't...instead I thought...

"What will we have for dinner?"

"Chicken Katsu and chicken chow mein sounds good"

SQUELCH those thoughts!!! Because I actually started sweating more because I was hungry and I wasn't that close to Dan!

All I can say is...thank GOD I had my wallet and phone with me. And the route I was walking took me past Taco Bell...which I should be ashamed but I'm NOT because I ordered their fresco tacos...which if you count the is still 450 calories. I didn't care, I inhaled those babies and drank my bottle of with my sierra mist! LOL!!!! And wait..I can't forget the cinnamon twists too!!! I didn't care that I sat in the parking lot of the church in Dan's truck eating.

This morning one of the social workers shared with me as I shared the story

"Tiff, after you're still burning calories."

I started to laugh and shared "Probably I burned 10 calories!"

All I can say is that I am going towards my third week of exercising and I'm noticing little changes...little changes but great progress for me!

And as I am smiling to myself and congratulating myself---here comes in two residents and one has a box of donuts in his hand.

"Hey you want a Krispy Kreme donut?"

My smile fades and looks at him sternly "I've been trying to lose weight!"

And then I realize..I didn't get to pick up my usual veggie omelet and turkey links at the hospital cafeteria, so I shrug my shoulders and smile "Thanks! I didn't eat breakfast yet!"

Krispy Kreme donut inhaled with water to wash away the guilt

An hour later, here comes a pregnant SGT "Hey Tiffany... I don't want to make a piggie of myself because I hit the 30lb you want one?" (Mind you..she reminds me of my baby sis who is tiny too), so I sighed and said...

"Okay" Inhaled Krispy Kreme #2 with water to wash away the guilt

Now, here are the nutritional facts of a Krispy Kreme is 200 calories (I thought is was 250)...22 grams of carbs...and 12 grams of fat...

I shared this on facebook that had some pretty good comments because it showed the range of "loooove those donuts" to being happy skinny or happy phat.

As I read the comments, I thought... okay, what is my purpose in losing weight?

#1 is to be healthy because my diet is not good because as I shared...when you have a busy schedule regardless if its at the workplace or you're a stay at home...first thing you'll grab is whatever especially if you're schedule is full. I've been trying to get away from that and today was one of the days that I failed but hey...there is always the continuation of exercise as well as picking up and watching again what you eat.

Now, back to health...I don't like looking like I am six months pregnant, which I am happy to say that I no longer look like I am 6 months but 3 months (progress, baby, progress!!!)

#2 to feel good about myself physically for myself and for Dan. Now, does Dan say anything? No because if he did...Chevis would be saying his eulogy soon. Dan is pretty suppportive and has been working out with me or having me workout by hitting / kicking mitts with him.

Do I have a goal in mind? Well...I would like to at least slim down by summer. However, realistically, I know it takes up to a year or two to lose weight in a HEALTHY way.

So, to have that one or two donuts (not all the time) is actually a reward...well, a guilty reward but that's okay because when I started developing my diet / exercise plan---I opted out of prescribed weight loss medications as well as over-the-counter fat burners because I'm paranoid in thinking my weight will increase just as quickly as I lost the weight.

Realistic? Yes... Doable? Yes...

Now, let me hit the pavement with my running shoes

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  1. GO GIRL! Everytime I get off track of eating healthy, I do a cleanse for about 3-4 days and it kicks me back into gear. I eat only fruits and vegetables and only drink tea and water. Lots of it. It brings me back into focus. It helps me, I will be doing my cleanse next week coz I've been such a carnivore these past 2 weeks and I don't like it. I don't eat meat much so I'm getting pretty disgusted with all the animals I've been digesting. *gag-yes, I still gag.