Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snack Time!!!

It has been on my mind and one of my goals to lose weight. Last year, I wrote a blog in Yahoo 360 how I was so set on losing weight but that fell to the wayside... Did I even attempt to train for the Honolulu Marathon? Nope.. Did I register? Nope...

But, this the year to lose weight and get healthy. So, I designated this past Monday as the "time to change".

Day 1 (Monday): Morning Time---measured myself....hips, waist, ARMS, chest, THIGHS. All I can say is...WOW. I tell ya, when you let yourself go...your body will take you to the limits. Afternoon Time---took a nap with the reminder of exercising. I asked Krystyn for the DVD. 30 minutes later---I was sweating and looking as if I was having an asthma attack because I am so out of shape. However, I told myself this was the first step and I need to continue no matter what "Fight to the finish!!!"

Day 2 (Tuesday): Morning Time: Parked at the lower level to climb those stairs and thought to myself "Hmmmm...I am not that sore from the workout...I don't know if I did the workout correctly?" I spoke to soon because it creeped up on me as afternoon approached. Breakfast...I did really great but by lunchtime because of the hectic scheduled...I totally failed because I grabbed the first thing to munch on...boiled eggs w/ potato chips and water *shaking head* Afternoon Time: took a short nap, brought Dan to Men's Ministries Night practice and popped in the DVD again..

Well, what do you know...I have alittle more coordination but I still refuse to do the freestyle groove.

Because of my unhealthy lunch, Dan and I went to the market after I picked him up from practice and we bought fruits, meats, eggs, and ice cream (for Dan).

Day 3 (Wednesday): I'm sore but we'll see how it goes by the end of next week because I do want to incorporate weight lifting considering I'm about to hit 40 in two years.

Currently? It's snack time, however, lunch time is in about another hour or so.


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