Saturday, March 29, 2014

What have you been up to?

If you blog, you ever have blog block? I did for over a month. I haven't been keeping up with my yelp reviews either!

However, I have been keeping up with my running and training for the Spartan Race! 

Here's a recap of what I have been up to:

The Neon Vibe at Aloha Stadium (January 3, 2014) #7

Spartan Race Training by SGX Hawaii at Aloha Stadium (January 5, 2014)

The Great Aloha Run (February 17, 2014) #8

This was taken before the race by my daughter who was nice to drop us off at 5:00am in downtown Honolulu.

Me going thru the tunnel over TWO HOURS later from the start time. I cramped badly by mile 7 (boo).

5 days later...

The Warrior Dash (February 22, 2014) #10

(Before the race)

(Jumping over fire)

(At the finish line. Note: calf sleeves and mud makes me look like I have thankles...thighs + ankles)

(After the race)

Not mine but my best friend who broke her ankle in three places attempting to slide down an obstacle.

One month later...
The Spartan Race at Aloha Stadium (March 23, 2014)!!! #11

My dad and youngest son did the Spartan Race too!

(At my prettiest)

(Those lava seats)

(Just passed through the over, under and through walls with cramps!)

(One of the best moments running to the finish line with my dad!)


And guess who just signed up for the Spartan Race Trifecta Weekend on August 16-17, 2014 at Kualoa Ranch? Me!

Upcoming events:
-Hapalua Half-marathon (April 13, 2014)
-Makahiki Challenge at Kualoa (May 24, 2014)
-Spartan Race Trifecta Weekend at Kualoa Ranch (August 16-17, 2014)
-Color Run (November 2014)
-Kawela Bay North Shore 5k (November 2014)
-Honolulu Marathon (December 2014)
-Jingle Rock Run by Make-a-Wish (December 2014)

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