Thursday, January 2, 2014

Farewell, 2013 with a jingle! (#6 of #9 run till the Spartan Race)

2013 was the year of change, of discovering and an awakening of something deep within that gives you the "aha!" moment because there are so much analogies that you see in certain things you do to apply to life situations.

Running is one of them. Finishing the Spartan Sprint back in August shook me awake and it slowly started running forward with insanely signing up for 5k's, a 10k and going through with a marathon that I barely trained for that entire year!

Now why would I do that? Because it was the year of awakening and knowing that despite barely training for it (physically), mentally and wisdom of what to do will get you to the finish line. 

Now, you can't do these runs without fun. So, my last run of the year was the Jingle Rock Run hosted by Hawaii's Make-A-Wish foundation and as I shared in Yelp, if anyone of the Hawaii community did not participate, they truly missed out because it was such a feel good, fun run! 

You were not only running for fun but you were running to make a difference in a child's life! You were running alongside your family, friends and others who had the same intent in their heart! This also includes family pets dressed up for the occasion too!

The perks of the run is the well-organized planning by the host and sponsors who made sure we were entertained (entertainment along the 5k route), hydrated (water and Gatorade stations), not injured (first aid station) and replenished at the finish line (sweet bread rolls, fruits, power bars and water)! They also gave out prizes from children to adults.

Ahhhh-it is truly a great way to end your running year with a race that reaffirms why you sign up, show up and run...because running is something deeply embedded in your heart that will either whisper or shout, "You feel it? It's your heart-now get out there and run!"


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