Friday, October 4, 2013

How much is too much?

It's the first week of October and this just brings images of running through autumn weather with leaves changing color and the smell of wood burning through the chimney.

Unfortunately for me, Hawaii doesn't have that type of weather. However, I have been waiting to run in the rain because this is the time when it is to rain more, which I call it "Hawaiian snow".

Anyhow! Life is good despite the government shutdown because I am still running and training consistently. I just started using the training module that Spartan Race has in their eBook on training for a Spartan Super (Note: They also have training plans for the Spartan Sprint, Spartan Beast, Spartan Ultra Beast).

But, here is the main subject on today's blog post...last week on Instagram, I posted a picture of me in August and a current one from September because of my lifestyle change in making better choices in what I eat and keeping up with a schedule.

The difference? I dropped 15 pounds.

After I posted it, I it healthy to lose that much within a one month period?

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