Monday, April 29, 2013

Funion Bunion, what?

It's 2:45am HST and I think I'm badgering myself mentally because I was not able to run the Nike Women's Half-Marathon because I aggravated a bunion on my right foot while I was in Baltimore because I ran and walked around a lot since we didn't have a rental and everything was within walking distance (half mile to two miles). My toe would be smarting and throbbing but I disregarded it to where I started hobbling around and the bony protrusion looked gross as if I was growing a talon!

My husband told me that I better get it checked out quickly as soon as I returned home (Hawaii).

During this time, I started becoming uneasy because I was a confirmed random drawing runner for the NWM 2013 DC Half-Marathon and I knew that my running time had to be within 4 hours to complete the half-marathon in order for me to receive a Tiffany necklace!

That's doable, right? Yes, if I didn't develop sharp, piercing pain, which I experience after running ONE mile that I noticed slows my run to more of a walk with a run mixed in because I'm accommodating the pain while trying to complete a run.

I timed myself with my garmin hoping that my pace of a walk/run will be under 15 minutes per mile (NWM half-marathon rules requires a walker/runner complete a mile in 15 minutes). My pace was remaining steady between 15.63-16.00 per mile because of the pain I experience in my right foot regardless if I tried to grit through the pain. I had to face the fact that this would not meet the NWM half-marathon rules.

When I visited my provider and the referred podiatrist...they both confirmed that I can still run the half-marathon...IF my run is NOT timed. I wanted to cry...I shook my head and told my provider, "It's a timed run and I'll be darned if I'm picked up and brought to the finish line."

After the podiatrist gently explained that my bunion is severe and the surgery that's required, he shared it is up to me on how well I recover during my recovery time-which meant that I can't force my recovery to speed up because I'm anxious to go running. He advised that I should make sure I'm fully recovered and brace myself mentally on the length to recover.

After walking away from that appointment, I have been researching and seeing if there is any other way. Sadly, I have to face the fact that my bunion is:

1) Severe

2) Throbbing and painful even after walking less than an hour

3) To put any type of run on hold until the latter part of next year

My concern over all this:

1) My healthy journey...will it be interrupted to where I'll become complacent and gain all my weight back

2) When can I exercise

3) What type of exercises can I do?

4) I need to make sure that I'm continually eating healthy especially when I'm recovering from surgery

All this because of one funion bunion...

Pray for me?

(Yes, I'm still agonizing that I didn't meet my goal of completing the NWM 2013 DC Half-Marathon but I do know that I can attempt to try again the latter part of next year or 2015)

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