Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project TRX: Brand vs Generic

When it comes to women, we have our preferences in products especially if there is a brand or a generic version.

My outlook...why pay for something cheap when you can get the brand that may last longer than the generic?

However, there are certain things that proves my theory wrong... like my husband who will go for the cheaper chicken especially if he finds a way to create things that works just as productive with the same results.

For example, TRX suspension training straps.

Back in January right after I started TRX training, I shared with my husband

"I know what I want for Valentine's Day"


"TRX suspension straps!"

"Okay" (Note: I'm spoiled--well, I'm LOVED)

Plus, my husband likes to workout...he always managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle ever since he quit smoking and drinking in the mid-90's. Let me brag about Dan :) This is a guy who is 5'9 and weighed in at that time almost 190. Right after New Years Eve, he just decided to quit his pack a day habit and started running and lifting. He also totally revamped his diet and went down to 152 (hmmph).

A year later, he decided to quit drinking...and he wasn't a moderate drinker-he was a heavy drinker that only drank double shots 100% proof vodka with only water to chase it down. Anyhow, just like New Years Eve the previous year, he decided that he was going to quit drinking as well.

That's Dan. Once he makes up his mind. You can't change it....just like his heart set on creating the generic version of TRX straps.

So...being that he is health conscious...he won't refuse his wife who is suddenly into maintaining a healthy lifestyle too and will buy her TRX straps or pay for some boot camp classes :) After all,  he's was always one to remind me gently, "I thought you shared you that you wanted to workout?" -_-

Anyhow, back to TRX straps...Dan was busy looking at youtube videos and shows me videos of people making their own suspension straps. I would give him a sad look and ask him, "You're still buying me the TRX Suspension Straps, yes?" His answer? "Of course"while scheming to see if these actual DIY TRX videos worked.

Fast forward to Martin Luther King, Jr's Day, we had to drop off our son at the beach and we decided to have breakfast THEN go to Total Fitness USA to get my straps *SCORE* but then as I was walking around the store and pointing out, "This is what Megan tortures us with! I mean, this is what Megan HAS US use for workouts!" I notice that he stops at this one section displaying those hook thingies and whatnots that he needs to complete his project.

After purchasing my TRX straps and his gadgets for his DIY project, we pick up our son and head on home.

As soon as we walked through the door, the floor of the living room was strewn with straps, hooks, pipes along with my TRX strap that he used as reference along with the video.

The project...

That's see those hooks...white pipe thingies...and straps that is actually used to hold down things in the back of your truck.

While I am busy oohing and aching over my  TRX box, he's into his project and making sure everything is precise as possible (he's that OCD when it comes to installing floors too) and test it out to make sure it is sturdy....

The final result...

My sons thought it was interesting until he decided to have them try it out....they weren't too happy with that suggestion.

So, as you can see--it was a success for him as well as for me. He made the generic version, while I have the real version. *preening*

His theory and triumph by proving to me that both of these straps will give the same results if we do the workouts correctly.

Another thing that you can look at in regards to this project especially if you have a significant other is the fact that this is something that you both can do as a couple in your very own home gym.

Will this make me stop attending SOHI Fitness? Of course not-that is my time away from home to just focus on me.

Nevertheless, I'm starting to notice that he is getting inspired by those mainland Crossfit videos that he's been watching because now he is aiming to look for those HUGE tires...

I'm just glad he hasn't been inspired by sandbags...yet

Overall lesson of this blog post: This is what happens when you decide to take what you have learned and apply it at home to make sure that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is consistent and that your significant other is secretly a McGyver type of guy.

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