Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eat this, Not THAT...but I LOVE THAT!

Bosses are out for the day where the assistants have shared with me that we'll all be going out to lunch today. Is that a YAY or OH NO? Well, it's an oh no with a sob of despair because it is decided that we'll be going to CPK.

I quickly looked up the nutrition facts of CPK and what do you know...majority of dishes are either close or over 1,000 calories.

My favorite dish? Garlic Cream Fetuccine with Chicken: 1328 calories with 4g fiber; 45g in Protein; 49g Saturated Fat; 1160g Sodium; 90g CARBS. My hips and thighs just swelled up reading these nutrition facts.

Then, I looked up my second favorite, Grilled Chicken Caesar Sandwich: w/ Herb Onion bread it is 963 calories (4g fiber; 56g protein, 9g Saturated fat; 1651g SODIUM; 91g CARBS). If you order it with herb cheese, it is 1013 CALORIES (4g fiber; 61g PROTEIN; 11g Saturated FAT; 1798 SODIUM *YIKES*; 89g CARBS)

After noting this with heartbreak, I looked up "Eat this, Not that" and there was nothing nice they could say except eat the Roasted Vegetable Salad. Not the FULL salad but HALF of it. Talk about really shoving my heart in the ground and grinding it to pieces!

I might as well as be sitting outside and looking through the window as my fellow co-workers eat happily consuming almost a total of 1500 calories in ONE SITTING.

Nevertheless, I scanned the last page of the menu, which has the kiddie menu.

There is grilled chicken and brocolli that is 275 calories (3g fiber, 42g protein; 1g saturated fat; 456g sodium; 8g carbs).

I guess I know what I will be choosing when we go there :(

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