Friday, March 25, 2011


Sometimes life situations will have you saying "could have been, should have been, would have been" along with "if only..."

These are the moments where you wished that you moved instead of hesitating.

These are the moments where you wonder if you chose that route...where would you be instead of standing where you are right now.

It's a sad thing when someone passes up a chance of a lifetime.

It's a sad thing when you don't trust God to know that His ways are better than your ways because the choices you make on your own without any thought of how it will affect you later will haunt you especially if you're stuck in a situation that seems hopeless.

Do me a favor...before you make rash choices that has no thought of the consequences...sit back, take a moment by yourself...and just think...really it worth it? What will I benefit from this? How will this affect my loved ones?

Because if you honestly sit back and think before choosing...

You'll make the best choice not only for yourself but for the people that matters to you...

Another God and all His wisdom. His ways are better than ours.

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