Monday, March 15, 2010

Dotting the t's and crossing the i's

You're sitting down and browsing the computer, iTouch, iPhone, or your trusty blackberry bold and you come upon something interesting...

That's right, folks, updated statuses, comments, or pictures.

Your eyes widen in disbelief and wonder "What is that person thinking?"

Some people may not see the issue or they may understand the issue if they delve deep into social media etiquette of do's and don'ts on how to conduct yourself online.

Never gave it a thought? Well, put your thinking cap and glasses on because what you place on your page will either elevate you or displace you regardless if it is within your close network of family or friends...OR a College Dean and/or possible employer who is researching your potential especially since this is the age of technology and majority of the younger generation has a profile.

For example, a potential applicant applied at a certain company where an acquaintance of mine decided to do some research to gain a better understanding of the applicant after the interview because the applicant portrayed a promising, glowing picture of oneself.

My acquaintance certainly got an eyeful on angle pictures, poor grammar, and poor behavior that borderlined on combative/confrontational (I'll explain the last part further in this blog).

The outcome? The girl's resume was placed on the "did not fit the criteria" category file, which eventually ended up in the shredder.

Here is an article I found online:

Social media continues to be the heart of today's society. Since many people have become hooked to online platforms, there is need to consider how you behave. Some people actually think that social media stages are licensed for bad behavior and mediocrity. Just like any other undertaking, you can determine success or failure by how you act. Social media etiquette therefore comes into perspective. The following are tips and top rules you should never break no matter what you want from your social media experience.

Work on your online relationships

Through the myriad of social sites, you will meet a sea of people and your duty is to build relationships. You need to invest time in participating in various stages and helping others see you in depth. This way, you will establish strong bonds with people who can help your marketing endeavors or whatever you have in mind. Remember, you need to be honest and seek to find out what people are about without pretense; you will be surprised how much you learn.

Respect the online community

Without respect for people participating in media, you will not go far. You just need to employ tactics that promote communication and those that uphold respect. You do not have to like everyone but you can keep rude comments to yourself and learn how to criticize with wisdom. When you respect people online, you can expect the same e and you need more respect than you imagine. This is an important tip for social media etiquette.

Learn to listen

Those people who listen and take notes when others express sentiments will always learn vital lessons. Therefore with etiquette it demands that you listen to people without getting tired. When you listen, you will not be wasting time but rather will be learning how others are going about their business. Those who never listen might be dammed to never learn and this is not what you want.

Do not be passive

To create something solid with social media, you have to be more active than others. You must be willing to impact people more. This might take up time but it is worth it. Do not wait to be fed but rather show the online community that you are proactive and present. With this, you can be sure to make your marketing efforts a resounding success as you establish yourself with utmost social media etiquette.

Be real

Although social media platforms can help you get away with a lot, you need to behave like you would if you were face to face with people. There are so many who have created a different personality which is much vulgar and unreal. You need to understand that you become what you make yourself to be. It is easy to be a mean character online but ultimately, people will be attracted to those who have something positive to offer; those who are real.

There are so many other rules and tips for social media etiquette but with the above, you will sail through it with success whether in business or not.

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