Saturday, October 4, 2014

Throw back on a Saturday Afternoon

Going through my facebook albums and I look at My Journey album because a post from Chicked Nation page inquired if there were any transformation stories. 

When I look at my pictures, I counted back and realized since 2011, I was on a roller coaster journey. I have to share that if I didn't join a boot camp class (SOHI Fitness) that kicked my butt and challenged me, I probably would have become complacent again but my trainer's concept was no excuses. 

So, here is a throw back of my journey that I hope will inspire you in some way to be healthier and go further than you ever imagined. 

August 2013 was my first OCR race ever. I was already on a journey to be fit since 2012 but not really putting in any effort until accomplishing that Spartan Race in Aug 2013 woke me up again because I barely trained for that race. This not only woke me up to be healthy but to be a better person overall. I cleaned up my eating and started learning about workouts and what it means to be healthy. I started signing up for running events to keep me on my toes till the next Spartan Race (March 2014 and August 2014). Within one year, I completed 13 races (Spartan Super and Beast being my last two), which included my first marathon and a half marathon. It may not seem like much to an avid runner but I never did this much races ever. I never was an athlete in high school. I had 4 kids right after high school. My heaviest was 217 and now I'm 160. Am I faster? No, I'm still a slow runner/walker just enjoying the race / health journey. As of today, I'm training for my 2nd marathon, half-marathon and upcoming Spartan Races in 2015.

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