Monday, December 2, 2013

¡Dos Mas! Two more added before the Spartan Race 2014

My posts will be confusing by the numbers because I just added two more runs to the list that I posted previously. First, I added the Turkey Trot at Kaneohe MCBH but I also decided to add the North Shore 5K at Turtle Bay / Kawela Bay "Turkey Trot" run.

 Not only did I add those runs, but I am now registered for the Neon Vibe as my first run of 2014 because my cousins decided it would be a great fun run to do as a family after I shared about the runs I've been doing because of my training for the upcoming Spartan Race.

So, what's adding two more runs before the Spartan Race in 2014? To other runners and sports enthusiasts, it's probably no big deal. In fact, I am pretty sure there are more seasoned runners and sports enthusiasts who have signed up for more runs than I have throughout a 12 month period.

But, as I shared in my previous posts...this is a first for me. This is the most runs I've ever done and God willing, I'm looking forward to many more.

(North Shore 5k Kawela Bay photo courtesy of
(Neon Vibe photo courtesy of North Shore Kawela Bay facebook page)
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