Sunday, November 3, 2013

1 of 7: The Color Run (Training for the Spartan Race)

If you've been reading my posts, I've gone on a journey to train for an upcoming Spartan Race ever since I completed a Spartan Sprint back in August.

Well, few weeks ago I realized that because of my enthusiasm and newfound appreciation for races because it will help me along in my journey to be ready for the Spartan, I signed up for races. Not just one or two but SEVEN races. 

My first race is the Color Run, which I signed up prior to the Spartan because I did the Color Run last year and it was fun! Seriously, it is the happiest run on the earth because you're being colored and it's not a competitive race!

I actually created a team with some of my family and we all had fun. The best thing was that they did not mind that I asked them to be ready by 5:00am (the race started at 8:00am).

One thing I realized is that it is great running with family and friends (when you don't have a time that you set for yourself to meet as a personal goal). 
What is even better is the fact that they respect and understand if you decide to break ahead in a run and will be waiting for them at the finish line. 

The pictures and memories are priceless especially when we are all making plans to do this again next year! 

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