Monday, January 21, 2013

Training mode

I've been seriously slacking on training. I've been exercising but not seriously. I've been staying within my comfort zone for the past few weeks while in my head I've been lecturing myself, "You need to get back on your training plan seriously if you want to make good timing for the half-marathon! Don't you want that Tiffany necklace?! You don't want up be the last person in and there is nothing for you at all!!!"

I know...I'm weird but who hasn't had a conversation with themselves when they are training?

Today was THE day to get serious...and I mean really serious in being consistent with my runs as well as watching my pace/time not only for the half-marathon but the Honolulu Marathon!

I've been dwelling a lot on the lame excuses of why I lagged. First, I'm irked because my business trip is lagging and it is throwing me off because I need to run and I'm so worried that I won't find a place to run wherever I'm going!

Second...I'm conscious of losing a lot of weight quickly because I don't want anyone thinking its for all the wrong reasons

Third, I need to stop letting things get into my head and providing stupid setbacks that I'm causing myself on inconsistent running.

Pinterest motivational posts will only help if I get out there and do it

Instagram photos of clean eating will only help if I consistently apply it

Writing my schedule in my moleskine planner will help if I STICK to it's not just physical-it's mentally and spiritually.

Pray up and train hard...the results will come slowly but surely

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