Wednesday, January 11, 2012

After Lunch Thoughts with a Sugar Cookie

The Tentative Decision...
Last night, I wondered aloud on Facebook if I should choose sands or hills. Sands (Boot Camp Workout at Ala Moana on Wednesdays) or Hills (Boot Camp Workout at Kakaako Waterfront Park). This is basically to go together with my usual Thursday TRX workout.

However, this was 64 degrees (Hawaii's version of chilly) and I pulled up my blanket up to my chin, turned on my side, and closed my eyes. After all, I changed my schedule for my workouts because I need to kick myself off a plateau. Does this mean that I have minimized my workouts? Actually no, because I have chosen to add a 30 day challenge to my workouts...which I have been doing here and there.

Does that make me bad? Nah...I am firmly believing as I incorporate this more without being hard on myself, I'll slowly develop a healthy lifestyle from choosing what I want to eat (in moderation) and what I want to do in regards to exercising.

Mind you, I am 40 years old, so I can't really do the same thing I did back when I was in my 20's. Every article or book, I have read has always advised women who are 40 and over to start doing cardio AND strength training because our muscles and parts of the body is gravitational challenged (boo).

Analytical Observances...
As I am writing this blog, my mind is going from A to Z and back on what I should write. I wish that I could post everything that I am thinking but it may be offensive to some people because one of my biggest pet peeves of the day is posting dramatics and stupidity on facebook or twitter. Honestly, if you need to vent...can you write about it personally to yourself only? Some personal issues needs to be kept off the internet. Then, there are the catty remarks from women to other women...because there is jealousy. Or there are men sharing things that makes them think it will appeal to women but it raises my eyebrow and wanting to smack them because it is so...cheesy.

Now, I am not one who only wants to see the world in rose colored glasses but these ranting, ravings, outbursts are pretty annoying.

Bottom Line:
Exercise without guilt. If you get your daily exercise or any form of physical workout in're doing good.

Eat sensibly and within portion. Never mind the foot long, get the six inch. Cut that in half and eat it for lunch and save the rest for later. Soda? Choose water or a soda that is not caffeinated. If you quit drastically, you'll binge drastically resulting in non to minimal results.

Keep your drama off the social media podium unless you enjoy being the talk behind the scenes and family/friends get-togethers.

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